Qualification and Expertise

Continuing Education

  • Dr. rer. nat. (PhD) – academically qualified biologist
  • Training as regulatory affairs manager medical devices (Certificate Universität zu Lübeck)
  • Training in scientific communication
  • Statistics (Certificates Duke University)
  • Data Analyst with R (Certificate Datacamp)
  • GCP (Certificate Citiprogram)
  • Healthcare Compliance (Certificate AKG)

Product groups worked with:

Camera Light Source Systems for endoscopy | Rigid endoscopes for spine surgery | Spinal fusion cages | Radiofrequency probes for electrosurgery | Intramedullary distraction nails | Hip implants | Knee endoprostheses (TKA)| Cement restrictors| Aspiration catheters | Catheters for urology | Cycler for peritoneal dialysis | Sphygmomanometers | Nebulizers (Jet- and vibrating mesh nebulizers, stand-alone, mechanical ventilation) | Devices for respiratory physiotherapy | Holding chambers/spacers for pMDI | Laryngoscopes | Otoscopes | Dermatoscopes | Ophthalmoscopes | Examination Lights | Saline solutions for inhalation| Dental materials | Surgical instruments| Occluders in heart surgery| Viscoelastics for ophthalmology


Respiratory disorders | Spine disoders | Hip arthroplasty | Knee arthroplasty | Hereditary angioedema | Cystic fibrosis | Cystinosis | Leg lengthening | Parts of hemophilia | Some of the autoinflammatory diseases

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